To understand why I am running for State’s Attorney, you must first understand my passion for helping vulnerable people and communities in the county and my commitment to bring them justice.  Compassion and justice are the driving forces behind my campaign.  Occupying the office of State’s Attorney will allow me a greater platform to provide compassionate justice to the citizens of my beloved Prince George’s County.

My mission as State’s Attorney will be simple:

  1. To aggressively prosecute career criminal offenders

  2. Push for more resources for the State’s Attorney’s Office

  3. Save the county money by creating more diversion programs

  4. Develop innovative approaches to fighting crimes involving human trafficking, domestic violence, and financial crimes against seniors

My commitment is to ensure that this wonderful county continues to be a safe place to live and raise a family.  To that end, I will tirelessly seek justice to ensure the safety of our residents while also ensuring fairness for those charged with crimes.

In addition, I will not rest until we have ALL the resources we need to fight crime, protect victims and witnesses, administer justice, recruit and retain competent staff, and promote integrity in the criminal justice system.  When elected, I will push for these resources and provide greater citizen access to the States Attorney’s Office.  I will also work with our county partners to promote safety and security in every neighborhood and school.

The office of State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County has been historically under-resourced.  Reasons why abound, but a notable factor is that Prince George’s County is the only county in Maryland that must get state approval to fund criminal prosecutions.  This is an outdated intrusion into county affairs and must end if we truly are going to make Prince George’s County the safest in Maryland.  This system must be addressed immediately and I will work to end it for the benefit of us all.

Regarding diversion programs, this county has long recognized the need to divert some offenders to specialized programs, but I will work for more strategic programs that will reduce recidivism rates and unclog our courts dockets.  These programs are a proactive approach to save the county on costly incarceration and to offer a second chance to first-time offenders.

Sex trafficking has been a growing issue nationally.  For years, I have been immersed in the fight against sex trafficking and I will continue to do so until the ugliness of sex trafficking is gone from our community.  In July 2013, I was honored to be appointed Co-Chair of the County Council’s newly established Task Force focused on fighting human trafficking.  As Co-Chair, I lead the county’s efforts in coordinating county, state, and federal partners in a joint response to fighting sex and labor trafficking in the county.  As State’s Attorney, I will continue to create new approaches to addressing human trafficking.  In addition, domestic violence protocols need to be revamped to include strategies to protect the children often caught in the middle.  Advocating for their rights while also prosecuting the crime will involve compassion and I plan to bring that in abundance to this office.  Lastly, crimes against seniors, specifically financial crimes, also need a fresh look as the offenders are constantly going for bigger gain and pushing our seniors into grave situations. Financial abuse or exploitation against seniors is a distinct crime that requires vigorous investigation and prosecution.  Having advocated for the elderly, and other at-risk adults, I understand the uniqueness of these crimes and I am the best candidate to combat them starting day one in office.