Born to a teen mother and a sidelined father, I was raised in Congress Heights S.E. Washington, DC in the home of my elderly God-Parents.  Their home was warm and loving but also vulnerable to the whims of those who would prey on an elderly couple and a young child.  We were victimized constantly and, often, had no advocate.  The 14 block walk to Catholic School in a uniform proved to be a daily lesson in survival and negotiation.  Growing up like that gave me a deep understanding of the impact of violence in our community and the need for everyone to feel safe at home, at work and on the street. With that consciousness, I have dedicated my entire life to public service and to protecting those who cannot protect themselves, especially our seniors, children, persons with disabilities, and families doing the best they can.  I moved to Prince George’s County in 1993 and began practicing law in 1996 with a growing passion to improve the life of communities like the one I was raised in.

One of my first jobs was serving as Deputy General Counsel for the District of Columbia’s Child and Family Services Agency where I saw first-hand what broken parents and guardians can do to abuse and neglect children.  We worked hard in a contentious bureaucratic environment to rebuild an agency and reduce the number of children suffering some of the worst kinds of abuse and neglect. I also brought my legal knowledge and experience to bear through a variety of other professional, elected and appointed positions in Prince George’s County and elsewhere.  From serving two terms as a Bowie City Councilman helping to oversee city services and a 30 Million dollar budget, to providing top-notch legal representation to County agencies as an Associate County Attorney.  My reputation as a community champion led to invitations to serve on numerous boards and advisory groups namely the Bowie State University Board of Visitors which I chaired for seven years.I currently serve as the secretary of the Dean’s Board of Advisors for the School of Business and Public Administration at the University of the District of Columbia. In 2010, I served as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee of the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce while simultaneously serving as its General Counsel.  I am a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and in 2014, I was unanimously elected to the international governing board as its General Counsel, managing all legal affairs of the organization world-wide.

Currently, I serve as the Executive Director for the Prince George’s County Human Relations Commission. In this position, I manage the commission staff and bring legal action against individuals, businesses and government agencies to protect residents from discrimination at work, at school, in the community, in education and in financial lending. My daily mission is to enforce our county’s civil rights laws and to advocate for the vulnerable populations who routinely experience unlawful discrimination, bullying, hate crimes and systematic abuse.

Since taking the helm in 2011, I have rebranded the agency, created greater access to resources for the county’s growing Latino population, and developed a civil rights fellowship program to leverage young talent interested in working in the civil rights arena from across the Washington Metropolitan area. I also lead the agency’s community outreach efforts aimed at educating the public about cultural diversity, inclusion and civil rights enforcement. These efforts have led to reduced incidences of discrimination, more community involvement and cross-cultural understanding. I have earned the respect of law enforcement, victim advocates, and community leaders. I have stood with and advocated for victims of crime who are often haunted by the trauma they have suffered as a result of human trafficking or domestic violence.

Known as a man of my word, I have a definite no-nonsense, get-things-done work ethic which has earned the respect and trust of my colleagues throughout the civil rights community and the criminal justice system. In July 2013, I was honored to be appointed Co-Chair of the County Council’s newly established Task Force focused on fighting human trafficking. As Co-Chair, I lead the county’s efforts in coordinating county, state, and federal partners in a joint response to fighting sex and labor trafficking in the county. I am considered by many as one of Maryland’s leaders in this effort. The accolade isn’t important, what matters most is our constant fight against the ugliness of sex and labor trafficking and its effect on our children and vulnerable adults throughout our county.

I am a devoted family man, married to my college sweetheart for over 28 years. We are very proud of our two daughters and welcome our new granddaughter.